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About Pigskin Madness ™

Operated as a raffle or sweepstakes, the Pigskin Madness fundraiser is a game of chance. Tickets have 4 randomly selected professional football teams for each of the 17 weeks of regular season play. At the end of every week all 4 scores are added together, and several tickets with the highest and lowest total scores win cash prizes.

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official rules

Official Rules

  1. Tickets are unique and valid for 17 weeks of the regular professional football season.
  2. Each week four (4) team scores are added together to determine the winners.
  3. If there is a tie, prizes will be combined and split equally between the winners.
  4. If a team does not play in a given week, their score from the previous week will be used.
  5. Individual winners will receive their prize money in the mail.
  6. Tickets are sold at random and not available for review until purchased.
  7. Decisions of Special Olympics Wyoming are final.


    HIGHEST Team Total$200
    Second Highest$100
    Third Highest$80
    Fourth Highest$60
    Fifth Highest$40
    Sixth Highest$20
    LOWEST Team Total$20

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